Jenny Liz Rome - 07

The Photography & Illustration Fusion Work of Jenny Liz Rome

Jenny Liz Rome, an illustrator, photographer and artist, fuses…
April 17, 2014/by jlovebomb
Dan Mountford Photography - 11

Incredible Double-Exposure Photography and Prints by Dan Mountford

Dan Mountford, a talented freelance photographer and graphic…
April 14, 2014/by jlovebomb
Marine Crosta Illustration - 01

The Dreamy Illustrations and Paintings of Marine Crosta

Born in France and currently living in London, artist Marine…
April 9, 2014/by jlovebomb
Rachel Baran Photography - 01

Surreal Self-Portraits of 20-Year-Old Rachel Baran

Don't let her age fool you, 20-year-old Rachel Baran is one talented…
April 7, 2014/by jlovebomb
Slava Triptih Illustration - 02

The Haunting Illustrations of Slava Triptih

Based in Perm, Russia, Slava Triptih is a talented illustrator…
April 1, 2014/by jlovebomb
Tales of Black Eyed Jack - 03

The Ball Point Pen Art of Tales of Black Eyed Jack

Tales of Black Eyed Jack is a freelance illustrator who specializes…
March 28, 2014/by jlovebomb
Jamie Mitchell Illustration - 07

Illustrations of Well Dressed Beasts and Creatures by Jamie Mitchell

London-based Illustrator Jamie Mitchell loves to draw. A former …
March 25, 2014/by jlovebomb
Slinkachu - Tiny Photography Street Art - 03

Tiny Photography Street Art Projects by Slinkachu

Slinkachu, through street photography, documents tiny dramas…
March 19, 2014/by jlovebomb
Redmer Hoekstra 01

Bizarre Illustrations of People and Animal Melded With Objects by Redmer Hoekstra

Redmer Hoekstra, a Netherlands-based artist that draws richly …
March 13, 2014/by jlovebomb
Oleg Oprisco Photography - 08

Photos of a Fantastical Dreamlike World by Oleg Oprisco

Oleg Oprisco, an Ukraine-based fine art photographer, creates b…
March 10, 2014/by jlovebomb
Francesco Paleari - 01

Profiles of Milan Residents Merged with Architecture by Francesco Paleari

Designer and photographer Francesco Paleari created a series…
March 4, 2014/by jlovebomb
Pamela Gallegos - 07

Organic Geometrical Multicolor Art by Pamela Gallegos

We love nature and animals and so does artist Pamela Gallegos.…
February 27, 2014/by jlovebomb
Sandra Dieckmann - 03

Whimsical Nature & Animal Illustrations by Sandra Dieckmann

A self-proclaimed "Womanimal," Sandra Dieckmann is a freelance…
February 25, 2014/by jlovebomb
Kevin Cyr - Vans - 04

Graffiti Van Paintings by Kevin Cyr

Canadian artist Kevin Cyr loves graffiti, working and well-traveled…
February 20, 2014/by jlovebomb
Andreas Scheiger - 15

Vintage Bike Parts Taxidermy Racks by Andreas Scheiger

Andreas Scheiger, a Vienna-based designer, creates amusing and …
February 19, 2014/by jlovebomb
Karla Mialynne - 02

The Hyper-Realistic Drawings of Karla Mialynne

Artist Karla Mialynne creates hyper-realistic drawings using…
February 12, 2014/by jlovebomb

The Prints of Pat Perry

Hailing from Michigan, Pat Perry focuses his time on creating…
February 4, 2014/by Robbie Cee

The Belly of the Beaver and The Guts of the Grizzly by Jeremy Fish

San Fran based Jeremy Fish is hands down one of my favorite artists.…
January 24, 2014/by Robbie Cee
Prefab77 - 14

The Anti-Establishment Art of the Prefab77 Collective

Prefab77 is a collective of artists based in the North East of…
January 17, 2014/by jlovebomb
McKay Felt - 14

The Whacky Illustrations of McKay Felt

McKay Felt is a pretty talented illustrator. His illustrations…
December 23, 2013/by jlovebomb
Ursus Wehrli - The Art of Clean Up-featured

The Art of Clean Up by Photographer and Comedian Ursus Wehrli

Swiss artist and comedian Ursus Wehrli created a pretty fantastic…
December 20, 2013/by jlovebomb
Erik Johansson Photography - 06

The Impossible Photos of Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson, a self-taught photographer, is master of retouching…
December 17, 2013/by jlovebomb
Alexis Marcou Illustrations - 01

Stark and Detailed Illustrations by Alexis Marcou

We love the stark and detailed illustrations of Alexis Marcou.…
December 12, 2013/by jlovebomb
City of Skies - Ruben Ireland - 01

The Stark Illustrations of Ruben Ireland

Ruben Ireland is a talented illustrator from the UK. His portrait…
December 3, 2013/by jlovebomb
Erik Jones - 11

The Geometric High End Fashion-esque Paintings of Erik Jones

Erik Jones, a Brooklyn, New York-based cover illustrator and…
November 24, 2013/by jlovebomb
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